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Features & Ecosystem

Our smart work aims to maximizing the blockchain implementation for social impact.

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News Trade ™

Turn controversial issues into digital asset.

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NFT Opinion ™

Monetize the opinion by DeFi method.

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Comment to Earn ™

Impress people to earn black-claps.

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Request to Discuss ™

DAO method to raise the issues.

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Clarify ™

The place for clarification announcement.

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Help ™

Instant help or loan for poor people.

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Idea ™

Instant funding for creative idea.

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Caleg ™

Bring out future leaders.

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Follow to Earn ™

Promote and earn easily.

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Redeem token for various benefits.

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Payment Gateway

Make purchasing crypto easier.

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B2C Survey

Build more trust in society.

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DisCas Capital

Invest in potential projects.

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DisCas Blockchain

Expanding the ecosystem.

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Election Platform

Simplified the Elections anywhere.

Potential Investment

Token with many utilities. Owned $DISC make you easier to speak-up, monetize opinion, earn more profit, promoting business, get discounts for travel, shopping, properties and more rewards upcoming.

Get 1/3 of launching price! Private sale will be start in

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The idea to bring opinions valued and appreciated.

The platform enables to attract people to take a real social responsibility for a more informed society; powered by a strong will and collaborative mindset. Make an impact on society by reducing polarization, wealth and income inequality.

App Status: Beta Phase - Indonesian Version [Live]
Global Version will be available by Q3 2022

Grew 65% Last Month
8000+ Opinions Sold
6000+ Claps Used
600+ DISC Circulated

Revenue Projection: USD 850M by the End of 2022

The Fundamentals

Our purpose is to build smart civilization and solve important problems in a simple way.

Accesible Everyone can contribute to solving problems.
Healthy Discussion Teach people to think objectively.
Tension-Less Eliminating violence caused by the issues.
Income Generator Earn money via claps or investing in issues.
Reliable Source Real account, transparent and publicity verifiable.
Trusted Score result can’t be altered by any third party.
Smart Influencers Escalate reputation by solving many problems.
Potential Opportunity Possible to become a digital election platform.


Q2 2022

  • Company Registration
  • App Launch in Metaverse
  • Press Release (Indonesia)
  • Website Development
  • White Paper
  • Social Media Setup
  • Private Sale & AMA

Q3 2022

  • IDO & Launchpad
  • Techrate Audit
  • Press Release (Global)
  • KOL Marketing
  • More Partnership
  • DEX Listing
  • CG & CMC Listing
  • Logo at Web3 Wallet

Q3 2022

  • Community Giveaway
  • Stacking Rewards
  • Farming Rewards
  • Partnership with Media
  • Universities Marketing
  • Referral Contest
  • Global Marketing
  • Certik Audit
  • Financial Institution Permit
  • CEX Listing (7 CEXs)
  • Implement AI in App
  • Features Improvement

Q4 2022

  • Huge User Penetrations
  • Soft Marketing
  • Partnership with Institutions
  • New Roadmap

Q3 2023

  • Partnership Microsoft(Mesh)
  • CEX Listing (5 CEXs)
  • App Launch (Global)
  • DApps Launch (Web3 Version)
  • Blockchain Implementation
  • DAO Implementation
  • NFT Activation
  • DeFi Activation
  • B2C Activation

Q3 2023

  • Payment Gateway
  • DisCas V2 (Exchange Version)

Q3 2023

  • DisCas Capital
  • DisCas Foundation

Q4 2023

  • Blockchain Development
  • Election Platform (Beta)

Super Team

PR Advisor
Olumide Gbenro PR Advisor

An American Businessman and Founder of Digital Nomad Week that gather 10.000+ remote entrepreneurs from around...read more

Blockchain Advisor
Alfian Bambang Blockchain Advisor

Founder & CEO of $WSPP, the first currency which has a program to reduce world poverty that has been successfu...read more

Chief Executive Officer
Deni Agus Chief Executive Officer

A Digital Nomad who travels and lives in more than 60 countries for the last 6 years. This allows him to have ...read more

Chief Strategy Officer
Wahyu Taufiq Chief Strategy Officer

Founder & CEO of Selaras Group, which focus to help businesses to reach its goals and to pass a new milestone....read more

Chief Technology Officer
Djaiman Toni Chief Technology Officer

CEO of Software Biz, Toni has started his career in various tech companies since 1990, having tons of experien...read more

Supported by

Olive Cash
Selaras Group
Gici Business School
The Bizin
Assalam Property
Aira Travel
Blue Fire
Digi Asset
software biz

As Seen On

Block Chain Media
IDN Times
The Jakarta Post
Liputan 6
Media Indonesia
Sindo News
Tribun News


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New start-up DisCas Vision innovates to convert hot issues into digital assets

DisCas, an app created by creative locals that converts the latest issues into digital assets, which will provide many benefits for its users...

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DisCas DAO targeted $2 Million in early-stage global IDO

The ecosystem will bring communities, students, investors, shoppers, e-commerce, travelers, tour agents, property agents, business, media, institutions and even the government together to connect...

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DisCas DAO is Volunteered as Election Platform to Save Up to $4.8 Billion State Budget

DisCas is an innovative crypto project that is successful in turning controversial issues into digital assets and monetizing opinions...

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Aplikasi DisCas Karya Milenial Indonesia Launching di Metaverse Decentraland

Sejak dirilis ke publik, Metaverse menjadi magnet dalam dunia digital. Karena dalam Metaverse orang-orang akan terhubung melalui dunia virtual yang tanpa batas...

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Aplikasi Anak Bangsa Ini Dirilis di Metaverse, Keren!

Sejak dirilis ke publik, Metaverse menjadi magnet dalam dunia digital, karena orang-orang akan terhubung melalui virtual tanpa batas...

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DisCas will be the first company without a CEO and management

A Cryptocurrency start-up company from Indonesia called DisCas Vision will make a breakthrough by implementing the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) in the long term...

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CEO DisCas Vision: End Game Kami adalah Pemilu Digital Berbasis Blockchain

Deni Agus, Pendiri dan CEO DisCas Vision kembali memberikan keterangan bahwa proyek DisCas tidak hanya sekedar...

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CEO DisCas: Kripto Punya Berjuta Manfaat, Perlu Banyak Edukasi

CEO DisCas, Deni Agus, berpendapat adopsi kripto perlahan akan masuk ke segala lini kehidupan melalui berbagai macam teknologi....

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Cyptocurrency Buatan Anak Muda Indonesia Ini Naik 44 Kali Dalam Seminggu

Masyarakat Indonesia sedang menggandrungi Cryptocurrency setelah demam saham mereda di awal tahun 2021...

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Ada Kampus di RI Bagi-bagi Kripto ke Mahasiswa!

Teknologi blockchain saat ini mengalami perkembangan yang sangat pesat tidak hanya di bidang cryptocurrency dengan Bitcoin sebagai induknya...

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Mengenal Discas, Aplikasi Lokal Social Pedia Berbasis Blockchain

Sebuah aplikasi karya anak bangsa siap mengubah isu terkini menjadi asset digital. Aplikasi bernama DisCas ini...

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DisCas Akan Jadi Perusahaan Pertama Tanpa CEO dan Manajemen

DisCas Vision, perusahaan startup Cryptocurrency asal Indonesia akan membuat gebrakan baru...

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